Our Values

The driving force behind every action

Company Culture

Our Values

Our values are the driving force behind every action we take to fulfill our commitment to all our stakeholders – our clients, our employees, and society as a whole.

  • Trustability: Information shared to customers is based on facts, exclusively.

  • Responsibility: Mistakes, errors, confusion can happen, that’s human nature, but refusing to admit them leads to longer and more complicated troubleshootings.
    If a failure is discovered, it’s directly informed to the customer, same as a recovery solution is proposed.

  • Willingness to help: We fully understand how complicated an operation could seem while Operators are managing it from far, our mission is also to provide the most information we can, even if it appears like a detail from our point of vue, as nothing falls under sense, especially when talking about distant operations.

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Our Remote Hands Service helps you resolve emergencies and handles technical tasks 24/7/365.

We put the best of our human expertise at your service.

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489, Avenue de la Roque Fauconnière
13750, Plan d’Orgon
South of France


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