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Who we Are

CWS-TELECOM is a French company with more than 15 years of experience in both Telecoms and IT, especially (but not only) in datacenter environment.

Our company has been created after a disappointing observation:
There’s a huge lack of professionalism in the datacenter industry, especially while speaking about Remote/Smart hands service providers.

Indeed, most of times, “services” provided are far from Operators’ expectations, especially in terms of:

  • Communication: English language far to be fluent, important information not communicated to customers…
  • Knowledge: it’s no secret nowadays that most “engineers” in the field are not even aware of basics of Telecoms and IT, such as Optical power level measurement / fiber (correct) cleaning for example…
  • Autonomy: Engineers are waiting for step-by-step orders, which is quite frustrating, especially for simple operations such as patching for example.

Whether you’d look for a smart hand or dedicated / allocated resources, our engineers can provide any level of support you need.

Highly Skilled, experienced team

Why choose Us ?


CWS-TELECOM engineers appraisal method is 90% based on customer’s feedbacks, meaning our customer’s goals become ours.


All our employees are coming from the Telecom or IT industry.
They have a strong experience at operations level, in either Telecoms or IT, or both.


CWS-TELECOM encourages engineers to inform from the first moment about the issue faced, and to help customers with administrative constraints if needed.